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digital POD.
digital POD.
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canvas & wallpaper solutions
to any situation enliven your life

For canvas and wallpaper printing, the best quality pigments of Epson Ultra Chrome GSX are chosen. These are extremely resistant to water and oil, and will not change colours or erode in harsh conditions.

Digital POD has provided for, and been praised by, clients all the way in Europe, fulfilling numerous special orders in its lifetime with printing skills that have been borrowed from Epson and refined through years of service.

We have chosen Epson’s environmentally-friendly inks for their excellent durability, resilience, and expressiveness of colour.

Digital POD has partnered with the best-reputed manufacturers in Cape Town, boasting industry-grade equipment and a hyper-focused staff who is dedicated to meeting client demands and deadlines without fail.

Custom Canvas

Canvas and wallpaper printing are our primary service and the one for which we are most specialised. Orders may range from A4 to 3m, and may come in single, multi, or college format, all according to the customer’s needs.

Acrylic Printing

The acrylic medium’s vivid colours are best at making artwork pop out in the room, enhancing its presence.

Mural Wallpaper

The mural wallpaper is an expression of one’s own colours, more than a mere decoration. We recommend these for anyone looking to find their own style.

Large Format Solution

Digital POD creates banners, brands, posters, signs, and all forms of printed advertisement or information. Our one-stop printing system costs clients as little of their time and money as possible.

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Finished Mural Wallpaper
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Digital POD

Our Story

Digital POD does not have a long history, but it has always been our utmost priority to satisfy our customers’ needs.

digital printing

01. -
digital printing

Starting digital printing in Cape Town CBD

POD had a modest start in 2011 on Riebeek St, Cape Town, with just one copy machine and one Rolands printer. The many failures due to our inexperience, and the fierce competition with the many printing businesses around, were the petri dish of our development.

  • Photo copy & Small printing
  • Sticker Printing
  • Lamination

canvas & wallpaper

02. -


In 2013, with global progress in canvas printing techniques, POD changed its paradigm drastically. Following a rapid increase in turnover, we underwent sudden growth as we hired a new graphic designer, upgraded equipment, and signed numerous outsourcing contracts. Gradually we took a strong place in the printing industry.

  • Canvas Printing
  • Mural Wallpaper
  • High gloss photo printing
canvas & wallpaper

large format

03. -

Indoor & Outdoor Signage

We entered the indoor and outdoor advertising market.

  • Window Branding
  • Car Branding
  • Outdoor Signage

all in one total services

04. -
all in one total services

All in One Services

Our work process was separated into three concurrent parts. By undertaking this system, we could now produce all the demands of the client and deliver in one stop.

  • Canvas, Wallpaper and large Format
  • Digital Prints & UV Flatbed Printing
  • Laser Cut & Fiber Engraving
Our Works
//How I Work

How We Work

How you Order

At POD, we prioritize your comfort and so we most prefer to communicate by email.

  • 1. Contact us

    Email with detailed

    Because emails allow for exact specifications, details and picture attachments, they are quicker and more reliable than phone calls. In the case that you visit us, contact is even quicker.

  • 2. Get a quote

    Within 30 minutes

    Communication with our clients is one of our biggest strengths. We constantly monitor email, and you will receive replies within 30 minutes on any working day.

  • 3. Final approval

    Proceed  order

    Through any amount of changes you like, POD arrives at the product you want. Once you give your approval, we immediately get to work.

  • 4. Collection

    Packing for collection

    You may choose either to collect it yourself, or order a delivery.


Our design and
DTP operator Skills

Digital POD is not a design company. We strive, however, to deliver on any product we can make as best as possible.


Design Skills

01. -

Creative Design

Problem-Solving Ability

Print Knowledge

DTP Operator Skills

Editing ability
communicate ideas

Machining Skills

Large Format Printer

UV Flat Printer

Laser & Fiber



P.O.D Clients and Testimonials

These are our clients’ evaluations. We await many reviews of our service, in the hopes we may improve.

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